Syllabus for an intensive lecture at Okinawa International Centre, Japan International Cooperation Agency, May 19-21, 1997.

Introduction to Audiovisual Education:
Building the framework for media uses

Katsuaki Suzuki, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Educational Technology
Faculty of Liberal Arts
Tohoku Gakuin University


1. Given a setting in which instructional media will be utilized, you will be able to analyze and anticipate the effectiveness of the instructional plan, using the terms and models of your choice that appear in the following contents of the session.

2. Given a term or model from the following contents of the session, you will be able to explain what it is, and how it can be used for the development and utilization of audiovisual materials.


Introduction: Why do we use instructional media?
The Products: What are the recent examples of audiovisual materials?
The TTTI framework: What factors affect instructional planning?
The Task: What do we teach?--Issue of the Exit
The Trait: To whom do we teach?--Issue of the Entrance
The Treatment: How do we teach?--Issue of the Processes
The Interaction: How do we make it happen?--Issue of the Design

Study Questions

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